LaPenai Design is a full-service creative agency.

We help businesses that range from early-stage startups to global brands. From concept to shelf, we are detail oriented amidst our passion. Our approach is as unique as you are. There is no one like you and no one that can do what you do, like you do it. We really listen to your ideas, your desires and your vision for your business. It is our job to create a brand that embodies all the qualities and aspects that you’re trying to convey through the brand and the messaging. When you speak, we listen and from that one sided conversation (the good kind) we take your words and spill them into a design that becomes acutely centered on your desires.

Your vision is for us to make your reality.

We support individuals and big companies that are taking a stand in this global climate and making big changes. These individuals and companies aren’t afraid to make big waves to get their products out into the world and need strong branding behind them to get the job done.

We Help Ethical Companies Develop Brands That Fuel Change.

We stand behind those who protect the earth, farms, seeds, soils, water and food by creating brands that bring your people to your products. Each stage of the process is uniquely developed based on the specific needs of each company. No two companies need the same services and we have offers that can be custom created to your companies needs and desires.

Are you a company that serves people that are wanting to create change in their lives?

We create with people who are conscious about the products they use and what gets put into the environment. People making a difference in the world (or on their way).

Are you wanting to help keep our Earth clean and do something that will help better our earth?

Let us help you create a brand and presence that will be sure to capture your audiences attention and help you create a change in this world when we most need it.

From Concept to Design to Deliver


We serve all industries and people with inspiring ideas and amazing products. We encourage Artists + Natural Products Manufacturers + Leaders + Dreamers + Farmers + Land Stewards + Product Designers + Water Protectors + Performers and anyone with a unique idea, voice or service. Everything we do is custom crafted for you.
Every business deserves to have visually stunning branding complete with print and packaging that reflects your essence and conveys your promise to customers.

At LaPenai Design, we pride ourselves on creating value-added, beautiful packaging with team members who have expertise from over 30 years in this industry!



Our focus at LaPenai Design is more than  branding, more than packaging and more than design.

Our focus is 100% you and your work. We are artists, healers, designers, dreamers, marketing masterminds and tech enthusiasts who pride themselves on dreaming up and inspiring encounters between people and the brands we work with. How your brand is felt by others makes a difference. We want your audience to keep coming back day after day, month after month, and year after year. We want them to feel loved. With astute precision, handcrafted artwork & design, we are passionate about crafting a picturesque story and dedicated to infusing the process with ease and simplicity, with comfort and excitement. We use our crafts so that we can help you to amplify your brand, product, ideas and company.

We believe that you carry within you the power to improve the planet along with improving human experience.

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