Your thoughts and dreams formed into a concept that resonates through the hearts and minds of your audience.

Our Story 

Finishing each others sentences since the day they met Master storytellers Michelle LaPenai and Brianna Nash have over two decades of brand design and web development experience, collaborating for the past five. We’re a team of accomplished designers, practical strategists, sustainable thinkers, relaxed, yet seriously focused about creating breakthrough brands. We’re out to set trends rather than follow them. We are artists, herbalists, mothers, land stewards, and recognized experts in the Natural Products Industry. We started sharing natural remedies with each other and for our children. As we continued to watch the worlds food supply change and increased our personal natural foods and food as medicine lifestyle we decided to focus on combining professional passion and purpose with our brand agency making natural foods products and herbal remedies our primary creative focus.


Artist Michelle LaPenai has a unique voice as a Graphic Designer. She majored in Visual Communications and studied Fine Art Illustration at Laguna College of Art and Design. She has traveled extensively and has lived off grid near Taos New Mexico and learned about sustainability, earthship biotecture. principles, and passive solar techniques. Her work is best described as original and her illustrations have appeared in numerous magazines, publications, and books most notably Malcolm Margolin of HeyDay Books. Her gift is to discern the appropriate solution for every project and create for each client what they had seen for themselves all along.


Brianna Nash She is a mother, wife, virtual solutions maven, closet (not-so-closet) tech nerd, yogi, earth and animal-lover, outdoor enthusiast. Army Air Traffic Control Veteran with 7 years of service, Brianna began her entrepreneurial journey in 2013 and studied many things that were necessary for building a successful business online. Through this Brianna developed a desire to create and help ethical brands get their work online and out in the world to do the maximum good.

We Help Ethical Companies Build Brands That Fuel Change

We focus on branding, packaging and website creation, but we also specialize in illustrations, print work, and product photography. We create with people who are conscious about the products they use and what gets put into the environment. People making a difference in the world (or on their way). We stand behind those who protect the planet, farms, seeds, soils, water and food by creating brands that bring your people to your products.

Testimonials & Comments

Able to interpret the heart of a company…
Michelle’s amazing designs stand apart from the rest due to her natural abilities to focus on what is unique about each client/company. Blessed with an uncanny gift as a brand specialist, she brings an innate, creative sense to the design table and is able to graphically interpret the heart of a company in a way that will get them not only noticed, but understood and remembered ~ the key to success.
— Leslie Gillin, Graphic Designer

Patient and creative…
Michelle worked with me on a product line label project. She was very patient and creative, helping me craft both headlines and body text that ended up much better than the text I had working alone. She came up with multiple versions of graphics, and surprised me many times with her creativity. I loved her ability to see things in large perspective, and how every small detail fit into the the whole project.
— Martin Pytela Life Enthusiast, Exsula Superfoods

Excellent grasp of the art of graphic design…
Michelle is excellent, her follow up and attention to details is amazing. She has an excellent grasp of the art of graphic design and can help you understand how best to get the most from your deign projects that return results.
— William Anti, Gypsy Crunch

Prompt, informative, personable…
Michelle is an outstanding graphic designer, who excels at each step of the way. She is prompt, informative, personable, and extremely reasonable. I highly recommend her for any type of design work that someone may need.
— Carol Hughes, Marketing Specialist

Only the best…
Michelle’s goal is to produce only the best for her clients. She meets deadlines with accuracy and creativity. I highly recommend her.
— Ray McAfoose, Realtor

Michelle has an incredible ability to draw out a person’s unique gift and inspiration from raw, ugly, messy origins…
… and organize, refine and design until there is a coherent and professional website clearly defining what that person has to share with the world.
— Kathy Gibson, Occasions at Laguna Village

Your creativity and passion for this work is extraordinary…
I greatly appreciate the opportunity to have met you and I found your creativity and passion for this work to be extraordinary.
— Kelly Love, UMS (University of Metaphysical Sciences)


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