No one wants to work in Summer and everybody knows it.

July and August, c’mon. With all the blackberries on the vine, the sun shining, the sand beneath our feet, and the waves crashing in the warm breeze it’s just not on our minds. Then, there’s the late evening sunsets, walks by the river, picnics by the lake – can you say, “No one. Wants. To work. In summer.”?


It feels so good to just say that and get it out of the way.

Summer is a culture and most of us are influenced by culture. Summer is a peak a time of forced relaxation encouraged by plums, peaches, cherries, and watermelon. All that is sweet and lazy. It has taken to the end of summer for me to realize SUMMER is a time for PLAY, rest, and sun.

Now that Summertime has ended and Fall struts it’s brilliant colors it is time to look at everything we tend to put off in the lazy slowness of long summer days.

It’s time to start analyzing our business and gearing up for the holiday season and the New Year.

You know, that time when everyone under the great blue sky decides what things they absolutely need to purchase?

Yeah, that season.

People will begin analyzing their own lives and looking inward at where they need to better themselves too. This is when we want to be top of their mind.

We need to check in on where we’re doing well, and figure out where we aren’t. We need to know where we can step up and where we can do better. Our path is an important one. It is our job to bring health and sustainability to the world.

Our path is an important one. It is our job to bring health and sustainability to the world.

We Are the Change-Makers

How is your brand holding up among the many choices that are offered?

Is the story you’re telling being “bought”?

Is your message being conveyed?

If you cringe internally each time you look at your profit & loss sheet it may be time to rethink your brand, your story, your message, or all of the above.

These critical pieces are what make or break you out in the big world of retail sales.

Only the most inspired brands survive!

When someone walks into a shop and stares at the multitude of choices presented to them you want your branding to speak for itself. You want it to stand out and draw their eyes.

Your branding speaks for you. It is a reflection of your innovation and your imagination. Consistency across your product line and messaging strengthens your image, attracts attention, and encourages shoppers to try you.

Once they are hooked your brand becomes a welcomed friend they can spot on the crowded shelves.

Your brand becomes a friend they grow to trust.

Are you representing your products in their most aesthetically perfect authentic light to your customers? Does your outer image represent what is inside? Do those ingredients, when combined, pull your people to you?

Now is the time ask these questions.

It’s now time to Prepare for harvest season in the fall. Time to prepare for this upcoming season of exposure.

We are here to answer your questions, explore pricing and solutions for your lines.

As we shift into fall and are shaking off the lazy days of summer, we wanted to make a special offering to you, our kindred spirits. With fall and the turning inward, it’s a perfect time to revisit your brand and appearance.

And, that’s why for all of the Fall season we, at LaPenai design, are offering 25% off any package of your choice.

We want your brand to be at the top of your potential customer’s minds when they enter a store. We want you to stand out from the rest like a flame in the dark night.

Are you ready to set your brand apart from the rest?

If you’re feeling a ‘Yes’ to this and would like to chat.

Please feel free to email me here to set up a time to speak about what you desire to see happen for your brand and products.